Sun, 07 Nov 2004

I have sucessfully uploaded pictures to my gallery with f-spot CVS HEAD. I hadn’t realized there was a UI for configuration yet, and decided to try it on a lark, and it Just Worked. Pretty sweet.

Speaking of pretty sweet:

Krissa and I went up into the wasatch mountains outside of Orem and Provo. Was gorgeous. We had a blast. Even when I parked my rental mustang in the icy mud and I had to spend an hour pushing and rocking the car so we could leave. We were up near the top of the range, and it was gorgeous- snow cover up near the tree line, but 65 degrees.

Krissa and I have enjoyed the weekend a ton- we’ve stayed with Guy and Sophie Lunardi, and so far had two wonderful meals with them, and fun company. Hope they’ve enjoyed putting up with us as well ;)