Sun, 31 Oct 2004

I’ve added a quick hack to the gnome microtinderbox that links to the changelog of a module. It’s a gross nasty little hack that only works for GNOME CVS modules which use the standard Changelog naming and HEAD, and provides the link even when a module fails because of dependencies that failed, but that’s all I’m terribly concerned about for the moment. I’ll have to do more serious jhbuild hackery to make it actually work ‘correctly’ :)

I was prompted to do this because the first thing I do when I notice that a module is failing is check the Changelog; I’ve found that most of the time this is sufficient to find the problem. Doing such a thing for the broken gnome-games build this morning resulted in noticing that gnome-games now seem to support rendezvous through howl- which is pretty sweet. Hope I can get that built and start playing with Krissa at some point- unfortunately, yesterday’s experiments in building HEAD seem to have mostly failed with bizzare runtime library issues, so it might be a bit before I can try this out.