Sat, 30 Oct 2004

In perhaps the most bizarre (but best tasting) response to the Red Sox victory yet, my favorite dessert place just sent me an email that they’ve created a desert called ‘Sox Celebration’ featuring:

a tear drop shaped chocolate cake, representing the tears of joy experienced by all Red Sox fans. The cake is made of rich chocolate ganache and passion fruit mousse, capturing the passion and dedication of Red Sox Nation. The plate is decorated with a Green Monster tuille cookie, a chocolate cigarette symbolizing the Pesky Pole, a mini popcorn ball, and hazelnut ice cream adorned with two red chocolate Red Sox.

I can’t wait to eat one.

Speaking of great meals… Krissa and I had dinner with my boss (Kelli) last night at Chez Henri. Was great to meet some of her family, and we had a nice dinner, as we always do at Chez Henri.

This morning I’ll probably spend watching the victory parade on TV- I’m glad that they extended the parade route to go over the river, but it still will be just too insane, especially given the bad weather. And Schilling’s pro-Bush commentary in the past few days has made me a bit ill.

Will also spend time compiling Zucchi’s message-info-branch; I’m perhaps the abusive vfolder user. Of course, I can’t get gtk to compile (works fine on the tinderbox) so maybe I won’t get so far today… Oh, and apparently multisync CVS has preliminary Evo 2 sync, so hopefully I can play with that too.