Thu, 28 Oct 2004

Last night was a blast. Such a blast I fell asleep for the 5th-7th innings… like I said earlier, I’ve been a total wreck, so the sleep was needed. Let me get out to Harvard Square afterwards, which was fun- harvard band was out there. They are no DUMB but they certainly added to the very, very jazzed atmosphere.

My personal feelings on the win got clarified a bit last night- a Duke friend who was born/bred Red Sox Nation said that this was better than the Duke championship in 2001. And lots of serious folks here are referring to this as on par with the births of their children. It’s just not that for me… I had a blast (particularly last week) and I will always be glad to say ‘I was there’, but I don’t have the tie-in lots of other people do, and so this wasn’t (for me) like Duke 2001, or even in the end like Duke 1998, when we beat Carolina but lost in the sweet 16. Still, pretty damn awesome, and it’s great for all the people I saw last night who’ve lived and breathed with this team since they were born.

My old LUG got re-certified by the Duke student government, and at the same meeting, a Duke branch of was apparently chartered. Good for Duke.