Sat, 23 Oct 2004

Very, very tempting to run out and buy an HDTV before the game today. So far, saving grace has been that the model I’d likely get weighs 200 pounds and they can’t deliver until November. I might finally break down before March.

As people at the office will tell you, I’ve been a big ball of unpleasant stress all week. So, John, don’t take it personally when I say I’m never speaking to you again. ;)

Novell is looking seriously at bugzilla, and has about 100 open bugs against it the internal implementation. I read them all why waiting for stuff to download from Germany, commented on something between 20 and 40. Shortly thereafter someone subscribed me to the internal bugzilla-devel list. Some things you can’t escape…

Just made plans to go down to DC to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday by taking him flying for the first time in a small plane in some time. It was my mother’s idea, but a great one. I’m looking forward to it- apparently he’s been talking about flying again. He handed in his pilot’s license when he was 75 or so, and that was a big blow to him, so hopefully this will be a boost for his spirits.