Fri, 22 Oct 2004

For those of you not in Boston, this note from the MIT sysadmins summarizes yesterday here decently well. I did not call because, as Krissa put it, ‘you look like death’, and my synapses aren’t actually firing very often at this point. So despite saying I’d regret it forever if I didn’t call, and despite a reminder 20 minutes beforehand, I happily forgot about it until this morning.

Dom: you’re right that the trademark/copyright issue is a messy one, and one that I don’t think has ever really been sufficiently explored by actual legal experts. It’s a shame, someone needs to do it.

Nat: you best fix that Thompson link- I want to read it. If Kerry wins, I’ll lend you my copy of Fear and Loathing ’72 and you can revel in the good doctor’s eye for the campaign trail. And if Kerry doesn’t win, I’ll fedex it to you from Tahiti.

Jamin: bring it on ;)