Wed, 13 Oct 2004

Yargh. Sox game last night was frustrating; nearly gave up, decided to stick it out one more inning, and watched the Sox get within six inches of tying it up. And then blow two more runs. And then get the tying run at the plate again. ARRGGH. (Bryan, I still owe you a post ;)

Even before the game, yesterday was long- did my first serious job interview, ever. Went well, but I felt underprepared, and I’m sure it showed. Followed that up with several meetings, none of which went poorly, but all of which were more draining than they should have been, can’t put my finger on why. And I worked myself up over some work issues on the way home- you know, where you start thinking about a problem in solitude, and the more you think about it, the worse your mood gets, even though it started off as a fairly benign train of thought. Blah.