Tue, 12 Oct 2004

JP: I don’t think he’ll start next week, let’s put it that way. But really, I expected inconsistency from Vick; it’s Stephen Davis, Fred Taylor, and Santana Moss, who I expected to be reliable studs this year, who are killing me.

Sri: I’m not sure we have to go the ‘we’re the linux desktop’ route, but realistically, ‘we’re a good linux desktop’ is a hard message to pull off. And frankly, if we start planning our marketing around what Slashdot will think, we’re hosed- there is a bigger, better world out there (both in terms of potential users and potential developers) that we need to think about.

As an aside on the marketing thing, I forgot last night to upload this venn diagram, which shows three potential groupings of product/market pairs, and suggests that GNOME should understand what we market in these terms- in other words, to help us understand what we’re doing better, we need to think of ourselves as more than just a desktop. I think this will help us think more clearly about what kinds of materials and stories we need. Thanks to pzb for this idea. Given our limited resources right now, I believe we have to focus (for now) on the overlapping area between these three groups of product/market pairs. Hopefully I’ll get myself subscribed to marketing-list tonight and this discussion can continue there- blogs aren’t the right place for it, I’ve just thrown things up for now because I’m still list-unsubscribed ATM.

Good to see this morning that the fixes Malcolm did to make the tree green have been committed. Yay for green :) I look forward to 2.9.1 in a couple weeks. Now we just need someone to start collecting notes for the changelog ;)

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