Sun, 03 Oct 2004

Currently recovering after being attacked by three maple-syrup coated oatmeal-apple waffles. Tough life.

Hope to spend a little time tonight organizing the schedule page of the Summit Wiki. Please continue to update the ‘Tell Us You’re Coming‘ page- it’s the closest we’ll have to registration this time around. In talking with Tim, if the location is successful for us, I think we’ll push for the board to make reservations for the 2005 summit by late October of this year, so we can plan further out- this year’s planning was really hampered by thinking that we had the location all lined up, only to have it fall through. Still, we seem to have found a great fallback.

I’m personally excited to see Russ Nelson is coming- I’ve never met him, or even really emailed much, but Russ was crucial in the early days of mindstorms hacking. God, that was a long time ago :)

Cleaned like a maniac this weekend; laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and even reorganizing the living room. Pretty nice so far; still have to do the most daunting task- organizing bills and bank statements. But at least I can open the living room closet now. :) The new roomba is very nice- still can’t quite leap all the door jambs in my apartment, but otherwise is pretty slick. It can succesfully dock itself into the charger in the hallway after doing the living room. It has gotten a good workout the past few days.