Thu, 30 Sep 2004

Thanks to Paul, Marco, JP, and jrb for commenting on the mozilla stuff. I wrote code last night based on jrb’s suggested solution that would do what paul says garnome says, grossly copying things around post-install. But as you can see from the logs, I did something wrong, and it looks like jhbuild is tracebacking. This is what I get for not actually ‘learning python’ and just ‘making stuff up as I go along.’ Hopefully I’ll get it right this evening.

I attended a board meeting yesterday where we discussed board organization and motivation. It was the first formal involvement I’d had with GNOME in some months. I’m still not back on the mailing lists, but I think I’m headed in that direction. Just need to clear a few more things off my plate first.

In really awesome patent news, the Public Patent Foundation has gotten the MS FAT patent rejected. I’d love to hear more detail on this from other sources, of course, but at least at first glance it looks like positive, important news.

Amusingly this page is google’s top hit for ‘sethdot blog’. Appears sr. wingo has been reading gnome pages on company time ;)