Fri, 24 Sep 2004

Went to see Marcel Marceau tonight with Krissa. It was pretty cool. He did his famous ‘Mask Maker’ piece, which is just incredible- the facial control is awesome to watch. Dave, he was even in a boxcage at one point. :) There was some pretty abstract stuff (‘The Hands’ and ‘Creation of the Earth’) mixed in with some pretty concrete stuff- a very amusing series of sketches of people in a ‘Public Garden.’ After the first series of solo pieces, there were some interesting troupe sets, which were mostly beautifully choreographed. All in all, a lot of fun; interesting to be able to say ‘I saw the best ever do his thing’, and to have appreciated why he is the best. That said, I probably wouldn’t go see any other mime, at least not for another decade or so ;)

It shows through Oct. 7th at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge and I do recommend anyone in the Boston area go see him before he leaves.