Fri, 24 Sep 2004

Had a nice talk with Joe and Robert after work today; always nice to ramble with cool, smart folks about stuff that isn’t work related but still decently meaty. Watched ‘Galaxy Quest’ after dinner with Krissa; was amusing if overly cheesy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on my dad’s big screen late saturday, I think.

I’m getting more psyched about summit in a few weeks- I know it’s short notice, so I know it’ll be smaller than we want, but it should still be fun. COME.

I’ve switched the pseudo-tinderbox over to gnome210 now that I got all the deps right for 2.8. (Thanks, Jody.) We’ll see how that goes. I need to make the top-level index more informative, but I might also want to learn python for that first ;) (I also want to export all this over VNC or nox at some point, but I really need to chroot that first, and that will probably start to get messy.

mharris: (if you, or someone near you, ahem ;) reads planet gnome, I’m curious about your experiments with triage, particularly about how the 4-D approach works for you. I admit my approach to triage is sort of brute force, and experimenting with a more structured approach would be interesting to me.