Thu, 23 Sep 2004

In a sudden fit of micro-usefulness, I’ve written about 10 lines of shell and put up a micro-tinderbox here. I had it doing a complete build (sans mozilla and gnomemeeting) earlier in the day, but somehow seem to have botched that, not sure how yet, and frankly don’t care all that much ATM :) I’ll inspect logs and such in the morning. This is currently for 2.8, I wanted to get that working before I launched into the deep end of 2.9. Also, no useful binary output, unfortunately, and the page headers and footers have inherited some stuff from elsewhere on the box; hopefully I can fix that tomorrow. We’ll see. Anyway, hope this can soon be of micro-use to someone :) Note that this is implemented with ‘jhbuild tinderbox’ and not build-buddy, despite the headers on the pages; I strongly believe GNOME needs someone to dive in, learn build-buddy, and do regularly builds from there, but I’m not that man right now, so I’m making do with what tools I do know and understand.

[Also, my beleaguered brain knows there is prefix more appropriate than ‘micro’ or ‘sub’, maybe ‘pseudo’? Not sure. Cookies for whoever comes up with what I meant to use. ;)

For the record, by the way, I’m insanely jealous of Dom’s summer school experience, and glad to see from planet that hacking appears to be progressing on Abi, Planner, and maybe even Conglomerate.

Sadly, the reason I look exhausted in this picture is because that’s the way I’ve been feeling too often lately. Hopefully that will wind up soon- certainly doing even the tiniest bit of micro-hacking tonight was good for the soul, if not for the sleep I’d hoped to get tonight :)