Sun, 19 Sep 2004

Am reminded by these posts that is something that couldn’t happen without a pair of good friends. Thanks, guys.

Good weekend so far. Am reading Red Mars, which is pretty good, though perhaps paints people in slightly too Machiavellian a light. Still, engaging enough that I actually dreamed I was on mars last night.

Finally built 2.8 completely (except for g-v-m, still need a hal setup). Nice. Played some with tomboy– might become my main notetaking app very quickly. Still really need to get a machine set up with hal and the new X so I can play with vino+DAMAGE at home to make my music setup more responsive.

Caught an early-ish showing of Hero last night. Incredible use of color, and the movement of large masses of troops reminded me of Kurosawa’s Ran, which is not a bad thing. Felt somehow unpolished, though, compared to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- the plot just didn’t feel as polished, and even the music felt slapped-on after the fact.

Off today to the harbor island’s with krissa’s department at school. Should be different, if nothing else. Sad that it is getting cold, though :/