Sun, 12 Sep 2004

Dreamed about work last night. We were meeting in a pair of twinned towers, and were having a heated discussion about bug triage, though I was in the penthouse of one tower and Nat and everyone else were in the penthouse of the other tower. Oh, and all my hackers had been replaced by my little brother’s third grade class, who were mostly arguing about whether or not Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chips changed color if you lied while around them. Clearly, I need to work less.

Fantasy football starts in earnest today. I am supporting Joe for President, but in football, I must crush him like the bug he is.

Found Dave Barry’s random patch for muine, which seems to work quite well- I’ve been looking for something like that for a while. Now to just get vino+DAMAGE working correctly on my desktop.

2.8 is pretty nice, at least according to what I’m seeing on my desktop. A little scared by the mime stuff (shaun was having some problems with it yesterday), but at least for the very small bit of playing with it I’ve done, it seems to work fine for me.

Did spend an unfortunate amount of time yesterday fighting with creating an iso of an audio CD for my sister- the patches I can find for muine and RB don’t seem to work, and k3b happily creates all the .wavs, but no iso. Grr.

SuSE’s build system needs something like this.