Mon, 30 Aug 2004

Here I thought Mariano was just a humble terminal hacker, and it turns out he has a very serious career. Pretty cool.

I’m using monkey-journal to post on my new blog for the time being. It is basically uber-sweet. Sadly, don’t have it running on my laptop; may install jhbuild there just for the monkey-journal/pygtk stack.

LWN/eWeek have picked up on the latest Novell reorg. Don’t know that it’ll actually impact my life much, in the end, but clearly we’re trying to be focused on the linux thing, and that can’t hurt.

edd’s post pointed me to something I knew I needed but didn’t know existed- a memory stick to flash converter. Will make the one serious pain point with my cybershot (having to carry around the USB cable + cradle) much less painful, since my loverly laptop just takes flash.

Going home this weekend; looking forward to that. Of course, for my second straight trip home, our resident frenchman offers me a baseball ticket during the time I’m home.