Sat, 28 Aug 2004

After a long but productive day at work, spent the evening with Joe and Robert, doing our fantasy NFL league draft. I knew I should have avoided the thing last year, but now it has sort of sucked me in.

Got home a couple of hours ago, and finished Absolution Gap. It was, as you sort of have to expect from this type of novel, an anticlimactic ending- it is very, very hard to cleanly or pleasantly tie up Big Pictures of this sort, and when you are sort of allergic to ‘characters’ :) it is hard to tie up their smaller pictures in a convincing manner either.

It’ll be good to have Krissa back home tomorrow, but it will also be stressful, since I will likely again have to work on Sunday. We’ll see, I guess. Definitely going to sneak over to Chez Henri for dinner, I think.