Sun, 22 Aug 2004

I think basically the reason I continue paying as much as I do to live where I do is that on a beautiful day, I can walk from here to Darwin’s and then to the river, enjoying a great sandwich on beautiful grass (and on Sundays in the summer, without even the noise of cars.) Read Absolution Gap for nearly three hours in the sunlight today, which was great. Warwalked a little bit after that, but with no luck- plenty of APs around Harvard Square, but none that were both open and with functional DHCP, as far as I could tell. So came home by way of Herrell’s Ice Cream. Tough day.

I finished The Bug very late last night- pretty depressing picture of programming, really, all the more so because of the basic accuracy in a lot of ways. Certainly a vivid evocation of programming, but frankly as a work of fiction I don’t think it was that good- if you’re looking for a story of someone who is frustrated by their job and descending into madness, go read Death of a Salesman.

By the way, several people have asked ‘where is the netapplet’; we’re not hoarding it, but it is pretty suse-specific code-wise at this point, so we haven’t released it yet because it wouldn’t be of much value/interest to anyone not running suse. It’ll be out soon enough anyway ;)

Currently watching Tarkovsky’s ‘Solaris’. It is… patience-requiring :) But good. Does at points feel like the Soviet Union said ‘our bloc has science fiction writers, just like the West! Clearly we should publicize that by doing another trippy scifi movie, just like the West!’

This week will be interesting- lots of people from all over Novell, including the Nuremberg office ;), coming to Boston to talk about using bugzilla within Novell.