Sat, 21 Aug 2004

The first details of the Rio Karma’s replacement are finally leaking. Having been burned once… ugh, I’ll probably go get burned again. This time with a better warranty ;) (And a 16-bit color screen?) Then again, the release date is now looking like Spring 2005. Not sure if I can wait that long, even if it does have ogg support and I don’t want to rerip all my CDs :)

My plans to stay away from the computer were thwarted by our lousy weather today, but I did get out long enough to get the final Revelation Space novel. We’ll see if it can keep me engrossed. I’ve also gotten several chapters into The Bug, which is about exactly what it sounds like- a software engineer and a QA person tracking down a bug. It is so far pretty terrifying, as it describes the field pretty perfectly, and apparently the programmer involved goes insane by the end. Which is too close to home :/

Oh, and I played with a bit of code last night- looked at the yast perl bindings and gnome setup tools. Sort of scary; neither are incredibly well documented. But I think I have at least some grasp of the gst bits, so if I can figure out how to actually do things via the yast perl bindings getting it running might not be quite as brutal as it seems. This is purely a spare-time project, sadly; YaST frontends are the One True Way for Novell/SUSE for the foreseeable future.