Sun, 15 Aug 2004

As some of you may know, I’m a sportsaholic; I’ll watch virtually any athletic competition that has reasonably objective rules. For obvious reasons, this has been a good weekend for that- Krissa and I ended up watching nearly 15 TV-hours of sports yesterday (with long pauses for dinner and such, then skipping through ads with replayTV, so ‘only’ probably 12 or so hours in front of the TV). And something similar today. I know this makes me a terrible, terrible couch potato, but… it has been fun- lots of volleyball (both types and sexes), men’s gymnastics, soccer, basketball (Argentina v. Serbia/Montenegro was great!), handball, sailing (worst commentators), rowing, and lots of swimming. Fun, fun, fun.

Aside from that, while watching, I snuck in a productive weekend- have ripped a zillion more CDs, done laundry, lots of dishes, and even snuck in some bugzilla cleanup. And I’m rebuilding HEAD gnome and other toys; generally looks solid, though the mime changes make me nervous- they look fine here, I just hope they are getting testing- anything that big and that important obviously has to Just Work. The new printing bits look nice, and I’m hoping this time I can actually get Vino to work. We’ll see, I guess :)