Sat, 14 Aug 2004

Just gave Garrett my old stereo and old VA Research box, clearing out a lot of floor space and helping Julia find a job here in Boston. Nice to see so much new space on the floor- hopefully I’ll get more when I finish ripping and can hide the CDs and server tower in a closet, exposing only the speakers. A few months into the experiment, VNC + XFCE + muine have proven a very lightweight, easy-for-Krissa interface for all of that- as long as the box stays up, it is a really nice solution.

Good to see that someone read my spelling post ;) For what it is worth, I mostly agree with Federico- compared to English grammar, English spelling is not much of a problem for English-as-second-language people I know.

Sigh. I had this idea ages ago. Should have tried to patent it then. :) Apple will again get credit for taking a basically obvious idea and then implementing it very, very well (which admittedly I was not prepared to do- would have been easy enough to do once Windows started selling their incredibly expensive tablet PCs :)