Tue, 13 Jul 2004

After some polite nagging, I set about building HEAD tonight for the first time in a long time. jhbuild is still the build-challenged idiot’s best friend. And rug is still the default-install-challenged person’s best friend; you don’t know what your system is missing until you realize it doesn’t have m4. Or flex. Or… anyway. This whole experience has made me realize I’m short of RAM, too; nothing like compiling GNOME while running GNOME+muine on 128M RAM to make you run to crucial.com. Of course, doing this on suse for the first time has not been terribly pleasant- lots of weird issues I hadn’t seen before. Unset GNOME2_PATH to get around 147530 but am now seeing fdo 576. Worked around that one by just hacking the freedesktop.moduleset to use 0.14 directly instead of CVS. We’ll see what excitement lurks next :) And hopefully the next suse (and/or next jhbuild and/or next gnome as appropriate) will make it easier for all this to work out of the box.

BTW, clearly what the next summit needs is wine and cheese.