Mon, 12 Jul 2004

sri: the number of people who read planet, as opposed to the number of people reached, say, every time linuxtoday or lwn publish an article from kde’s news sites, is probably fairly small. So don’t be afraid to rehash stuff that has been on planet- it’s important that this fairly closed universe be represented out to the broader world for people who don’t have time to read about Michael’s email every single day. :)

Saw this post by Dharmaveer Singh, about the apparently successful gnome bangalore meet this weekend. The question of ‘how do we grow things beyond the corporate seed it started with’ is a hard one for many corporate-centered open-source-ish activities- Real, OpenOffice, and Java have all struggled with this problem, and as far as I can see, none have completely succeeded. I’m very thankful I get to work in a pre-existing community- starting a new one would be Hard(tm), though perhaps an interesting challenge.