Wed, 07 Jul 2004

  • Watched all of season three of Coupling last night. Just incredibly hilarious stuff.
  • Glynn: So, will Sun make that HEAD VNC server public? :) pretty please? :) (We really do need to do it, but if someone else is already doing it…) Otherwise, sounds like a very reasonable plan, particularly the part about just nuking all the low priority bugs after making sure they go upstream. I may consider proposing something similar within Novell.
  • Cool to see Matt arguing for some more sanity in Debian. I personally think that a succesful community-based distro is an important indicator of the health of the larger Linux/Free Software community, so I hope it succeeds.
  • Bryan, when are we getting to see your evo-in-gnome-blog sexiness? [Two minutes with google later] OK, let me rephrase. When are you going to nag jeff to put your blog on p.g.o?