Tue, 06 Jul 2004

Reading Glynn’s comments on energy level at GUADEC, and had to comment. A few things:

  • The architecture of the site was different. For the first time, instead of forcing everyone into one room to get network, we had brilliant wireless access. Good for sunlight and fresh air, bad for the energy that only locking 100 hackers in a room for hours on end can bring.
  • There was definitely the java/mono issue outstanding, especially for those of us on the board trying to move this issue along. We did have some good talks at the advisory board level, though with nothing really concrete as of yet. I don’t think that generally impacted the energy level, but it certainly impacted how the board felt.
  • Multiple 8 hour meetings to bookend GUADEC with are brutal, no matter what the content. Hopefully the board will learn from this year and have both the meetings before the conference next year. Again, mostly an impact on board members.

Overall, I thought energy level was pretty good. We’re not in a really energetic, driving time right now, like we were for and immediately after 2.0. Part of this goes to some of the issues Nat raised, which I think are concerning, but we’re not avoiding them for lack of energy.