Sun, 04 Jul 2004

Wow! Advo is back. Perfect timing; I was thinking of finally getting my life in order and putting up my own blog. Now I can let my natural laziness take over. Thanks to everyone who helped get it back up (and up in the first place, of course).

GUADEC was really awesome. Really great to meet roozbeh, dave coombs (with whom I had great soup, and who did the yeomans work of documenting the benches), other NITI folk, ynakai, dick, hpj, dodji, and of course the inimitable andrew sobala, to whom I gave the pants/trousers/whatever. All told, we had a ton of countries represented, which was cool. And of course lots of faces I hadn’t seen since last GUADEC that I got to see again. That’s probably always the best part of guadec. The incredible facilities, cool talks, long board meetings (groan), midnight soccer, drinking expensive beer, wiki, and generally great organization were just icing- really awesome icing this year, but still icing.