Sun, 23 May 2004

Heh. The pythons aren’t all they used to be but this was fun.

I continue to have fun with planet. It was pointed out to me that you can share things with bloglines, but dunno- I just like fooling with planet, I guess. Not that I’m even sharing my planets yet, really, either, though I guess those interested in the Duke Linux community can poke here.

Saw Oedipus The King last night at the American Repertory Theater. Brilliant staging, great acting, and play still basically as dull as it was in high school, when Doc would scream THE CROSSROADS IS THE VAGINA. Sometimes things don’t get better as you age. Shame.

Finally got an ogg player/ripper set up on my new MS-tax-free Dell. Quiet 160Gb disk, monitor dialed down to 640×480, and wireless trackball. Will set up VNC to use from laptops in other rooms if I need to. The open question now is whether to actually completely ditch my old stereo and buy a new set of speakers that are smaller.