Tue, 18 May 2004

Wow. Advo back up. Very nice. :) So much to write about ilaw-wise, but so little energy after completely stuffing my face with redbones tonight.

Curtis, I’m not difficult, I’m demanding.

Stolen from Lessig: apparently the big hit of Cannes so far this year is by a 31-year old who has been putting together autobiographical tape since he was 11. Cost of materials: $214. Cost of licensing soundtrack, other IP-protected materials to publicly distribute: $400,000.

I have finally peeked outside the planet.gnome world to read some other blogs. Probably I need to actually start using an aggregator, I guess, but I’m not really looking forward to that. p.g.o just fits my style so much better. Maybe I need to run planet.tieguy.org. I’m certainly tempted to create a free culture planet, at least.

I put up a few pics from city hall the other morning, after the previous night’s madness. No happily wedded couples, but perhaps some fun pictures of the media reaction.