Wed, 12 May 2004

  • Read a lot more ximian bugs yesterday.
  • Started a suse 9.1 install on my new Dell. Didn’t detect the monitor’s refresh rate/resolution correctly, and I didn’t have time to screw with it, so it is still uninstalled. Box is slightly louder than I would have wanted but still pretty nice.
  • Went to the pops last night with Krissa, my dad, and my brother. They had a 14 year old kid who studies in Provo (of all places) who was brilliant. Second half of the show an Art Garfunkel concert broke out. Was pretty fun, but I was forced to go home and rip Metallica’s S&M; to remind myself of what really great orchestration of non-classical music can be like.
  • Have to third the ‘I like jfleck’ posts. Though I wish he had more time to be involved in GNOME these days. C’est la vie, I guess.
  • Apparently there are a hundred or so people signed up for GNOME Bangalore’s conf. That’s wild. Hopefully today we can get the ball rolling for next Summit- we’ve found an awesome site if we can get it wired. And I’m going to lean on Tim to see what the status is of funding people for GUADEC. Conferences galore! :)