Mon, 10 May 2004

  • Read about 175 open b.x.c bugs. Was able to clear a lot of them out. More tomorrow when I actually start using/abusing the ‘should go upstream’ keyword.
  • Got a new dell, after rebate should be a tad under $400. No MS tax, for the first time in a long time. Very nice. Still haven’t booted it, though, no OS disc ATM.
  • Had a 7:30am meeting with Neeti, Parag, and Krishnan from Novell’s Bangalore office. Good folks; getting regularly into the blogging thing and much more usefully will hopefully be throwing a number of folks at core hacking and bugwork. Really neat that they are getting a lot of non-Novell people involved.
  • Didn’t actually eat anything all day. Should do that.