Fri, 09 Apr 2004

I want to clarify I don’t have any inside information regarding Red Hat or Sun’s plans, and Novell’s are still up in the air. But given Glynn’s recent comments, FC2’s use of 2.6, and Novell’s obvious desire to ship a product to compete with JDS and RHEL WS at some point, I can see the possibility of the stars aligning in such a way that all the large corporate players decide the risks of 2.8 are too great, and settling for doing their own branches of 2.6, instead of actually trying to resolve the risks in 2.8. Seems like that would be a very odd, sort of wasteful outcome (to me.)

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve spent a lot of time and typing over the past couple of years complaining about bugzilla code quality and sql table design. Bugzilla 2.16 is like night and day. I just made some of our duplicate reports go from the slowest things in the world to rocking fast, allowing me to nuke some static html generation in the meantime. And it took me all of a few minutes, and the SQL queries got less complicated. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to bugzilla over the years- without it there truly could not be a modern, active QA movement within free software.