Thu, 08 Apr 2004

Had a decently productive day today- triumphed over bug 139195 (which I frankly didn’t expect to do- thanks to the people who helped reproduce it) and otherwise did some minor cleanups.

Misirlou cooked up a nice, but scary, query for bugs with patches. There are over 1300 of them. 1300. Yeek. I’m hoping to do some cleanup on this list, and produce some useful queries maintainers can use to help clean up their own mess, later tonight.

It’s nearly spring- had a very nice sandwich for lunch, while sitting on a bench outside. Look forward to doing more of that at some point soon.

[Later] Whipped this up for maintainers to check on patch statuses, but it still sucks- if you mark a bug needs-work, it’ll still show up in that query. Bugzilla code still scares me sometimes :) Still, though, it can give you a rough idea of the number of patches in the system for you- probably some scary large numbers in there for some maintainers.