Fri, 26 Mar 2004

I had a fun day today, doing more bugzilla stuff. I can’t claim to have fixed all of these but I had my finger in a number of them. Just very nice to be able to do concrete stuff, going through a bug list and actually fixing stuff myself. Been too long.

The future possibilities for the codebase are pretty exciting, too. For example, William McCann has been working on TODO export in bugzilla- when we get to 2.17 (or possibly earlier if we can backport) you’ll be able to click on a webcal link on any query you run, and just have it *poof* show up in evo 1.5. (William has also been hacking on the evo end; kudos to him for tackling both large and sometimes fairly grody code bases :) And hopefully we’ll get the XML-RPC stuff from RH going soon- it would be sooooo much better to use that for bugzilla than the current crufty mail stuff, for example, and being able to use jrb and alex’s bugtool will be a big plus. I know I’m looking forward to abusing it. :)

Weekend should be nice; some basketball tonight and Krissa’s mom in town. Hopefully I’ll still get to watch the basketball :)