Fri, 12 Mar 2004

It’s depressing, but the closest thing to a news show in this country that will do Murrow-like calling of a political spade a spade these days is The Daily Show. The other options either regurgitate both side’s spins (calling that ‘balance’) or regurgitates one side’s spin (also, oddly, calling that ‘fair and balanced’). No wonder so many of us watch Daily Show, even if they do have to cloak it under the guise of humor. I suppose you have to- if you actually reported seriously on the hypocrisy and incompetence reeking in our politics, it would be too depressing to watch. I suppose the British have a sense of humour about it too, which is why I subscribe to the Economist.

[Few minutes later] As if on queue, a few minutes after I posted this Jon Stewart (delivered by way of ReplayTV) mentioned that next week is Estes Kefauver appreciation week on the Daily Show. I didn’t even have to look it up. :)