Fri, 12 Mar 2004

Finally fixed gnome-blog to work again (it had been sort of hosed by me arrogantly trying to build it myself.) Dave is constantly reminding me that it is silly to build things myself, exactly because of problems like this. It does mostly work, but he is right- if we had regular snapshots again that would be better. :) Still, jhbuild is a nice second to that if you feel like you really need to test HEAD- which I feel like I do, and I hope lots of others are as well.

Amusingly, HEAD gnome-blog ‘protects’ you frompremature postulation by forcing you to enter a title before posting. This is a pretty good idea, I guess, except that advo doesn’t support titles. So I guess I’ll be typing asdadf in the title box a lot.

We had a good advisory board meeting yesterday; hopefully we’ll get notes of that to the foundation list shortly. Dave and I have really polished up the roadmap- hopefully we’ll be able to make that public soon too. If Dave ever tells you he is ‘just’ a coder, and not one smart mofo who is a damn good writer, ignore him, he’s lying. The advisory board did what it was supposed to do by advising- both Sun and the FSF’s advisory board members raised some interesting points that I hope we’ll be able to act on soon. And Havoc (representing RH) was a muckraker. ;)

xd-unstable (currently being updated only for suse 9, unfortunately) is moving along at a great pace- we got evo 1.5 in there, ross’s contact applet, and rodney’s webcal stuff. And of course the new filesel. It is far from perfect but it is pretty damn nice- in my humble opinion, in many ways the best desktop out there. Nifty, huh? :)

Besides Miguel Ibarra’s awesome packaging work, the reason xd-unstable is nice, FWIW, is that gnome has FIXED 1732 GNOMEVER2.4/2.5 bugs since the release of 2.4.0. 482 of those high/urg/imm priority. And in total there have been 3531 bugs marked FIXED since 2.4.0. As anyone who follows bugsquad knows, those numbers are imperfect for a number of reasons, but still… that’s a huge number of bugs FIXED. I was really surprised- I would have guessed many less. Go us. :)