Mon, 08 Mar 2004

I had three meetings scheduled at 4:00pm today. I’m pretty sure that (no matter what Dave says) I don’t like attending this many meetings.

If anything, Edd understates what is coming from iFolder. iFolder (to be pronounced ‘Simias’ in free software form) is one of those things where the adjective that immediately springs to mind is ‘sweeeeeet.’ With exactly that many e’s. The ‘go public’ switch will be flipped after brainshare. It’s not just .NET, FWIW, it is also gtk#, and will eventually hook into Nautilus and probably Evo. The iFolder/Brainshare motto should be ‘iFolder: even more exciting than Sammy Hagar.’ It’ll have some rough edges, to be sure, but I think it’ll prove immediately fun to play with and very useful not too far after that.

I hope to find more time to stare at 2.6.0 buglists soon, but so far it’s really not bad- it should be a solid, if not spectacular, release.