Thu, 04 Mar 2004

Another pretty solid bug day. Found some more nasty 2.6.0-ish bugs, and have sent out another email about it. My last email got more than 1/2 of them fixed, so that was pretty good- I think we still have time to make this a pretty solid release. Everyone go kill a bug now.

I was a little surprised to discover that RH’s bugzilla allows you to close a serious issue NOTABUG without so much as a single word why.

Was more pleasantly surprised to discover that the evopanel integration is even cooler than I thought.

I admit that I got more than a little pissed on Tuesday when /. declared that KDE’s new Kuality Team was something new and innovative. We’ve been doing it for years. But I admit we haven’t really stressed the holistic approach that they are explicitly taking- sure, I do it very naturally, but it’s not something I talk about much in announces or explicitly coach people in. I guess I just assume that if you’re involved in GNOME, you know that ‘quality’ means more than just ‘does it not crash.’ But if that’s a revelation for some people… :) Probably I will stress it more in the future- I really do think it underlies everything I have done for the past two years, and I hope that shows through, but maybe it’s not obvious enough.

[Later] I am still surprised at RH’s bugzilla, but it’s not Mike Harris’s fault. I should have known better.