Tue, 24 Feb 2004

I read Wabi-Sabi yesterday. Fun little book explaining an aesthetic very different from our modern Western aesthetic. Of course, since it is an aesthetic of impermanence, imperfection, and nature (among other things) it’s a little hard to draw lessons for GNOME, unless someone wants to help me write a theme engine that changes over time (which would actually be pretty cool, come to think of it.) Ah, well, in the mean time, we will just have to continue to live with our lack of stetic.

jamesh: In the general case, I think I’ve come around to agree with you, certainly with regards to the foundation and probably with regards to ‘real world’ elections as well.

In the more specific case, I think that part of the frustration is that Nader is not a credible candidate- there is no way he’ll draw more than 1-2%, so his presence in the race does nothing that he could not accomplish more effectively and less egotistically by staying out of the race and using some well-placed issue advertisements and/or doing things the way he’s always done them. Were he seriously able to draw 15-20% right now, and more after a campaign, I’d have less objection to his participation.

plug: If you’re interested in elections, particularly in the gnome space, and want to help out, the foundation’s membership committee is looking for help.