Sun, 22 Feb 2004

I wish Nader had listened to Lessig.

[Later] Speaking of Lessig, I’m thinking about taking the plunge and trying to do the Lessig Challenge, where one gives as much money to pro-freedom groups like the EFF and Public Knowledge as one does to the movie, music, and cable industries. Given the size of my cable bill, this would be fairly stiff- I might knock out the cable and ‘only’ do 1:1 on my CDs and movies, which would still be stiff but not over $1K a year, which the cable bill is.

On a non-Lessig note, I just rebuilt planner, and the new resource view is very sweet, though I didn’t have time to play with it much. On the negative side, I hate fussing with kernel mods like madwifi- I got it working once a few months ago, and it was great, but now I’m just feeling stupid and I have no idea what I’m doing differently than the first time.