Sun, 22 Feb 2004

Big Fish was incredible. It reminded me a lot of a friend of my dad’s who passed away a few years ago, which choked me up a little at the end. Aside from that, I’m excited to see magico-realism come to film- there were hints of it in Amelie, but in Big Fish it’s an integral part of the film, and it is very cool to see. In my lifetime we’ll see ‘100 Years of Solitude, the Miniseries’ on HBO34. And it’ll be great.

I think at one point I sort of mocked gnome-blog as unnecessary, but now it fails for me completely (I tried to build from head after seeing some bugs had been fixed) and I feel totally hosed. Funny how things change. :)

This story rang true with what I saw in India. Interesting to see how things change- must be a fascinating time to be in that milieu. The Economist this week also has a long series of articles on India and the changes going on there. Very interesting stuff.

jfleck, you might be interested in Derek Powazek’s (of fray fame) pictures from the SF marriage line. Some beautiful, affirming stuff. If I had some place to put it, I’d buy his poster– it’s just pretty stuff.