Thu, 19 Feb 2004

Had a pretty sucessful bugday. Nothing earthshaking, but nice. We tackled a fair amount of nautilus bugs. I would have done more, but nautilus is hosed on my machine for some reason.

After Toshok got mime disabling working, I finally got Evo HEAD built on my home laptop. It’s still got rough edges- the team definitely made the right, if hard, choice to withdraw from GNOME 2.6. But wow- it’s going to be sweet when all this integration takes place for real in 2.8. I went to Apple’s ical website, clicked on stuff, and *boom*- was just there, in my evo calendar. And it came by default with the Evo development schedule- published on Any idiot with a website, like myself, can publish a calendar and share- it’s pretty cool. Rodney’s little applet thingy makes that nice, and of course Ross’s lookup applet is sweet too, though for some reason HEAD doesn’t build for me ATM. Older version still works, though. Anyway, exciting time. Look for a Duke basketball and 2.6.0 .ics file in this space soon ;)