Tue, 17 Feb 2004

Discovered in my mass of mail that James had implemented a feature I’d requested for jhbuild a few days ago. Nifty to see. Basically ‘cvs up -D’ for jhbuild, so you can say ‘do a build based on CVS from ‘ to narrow down and isolate problems.

Announced Thursday’s bug day, titled Strength In Numbers. I don’t know when I decided bug days needed names, but I’m having fun with them. Hopefully my recent roll of inspiration will continue.

Had a decently productive day at work today, including a nice release team meeting, the first we’ve had in ages. Hopefully this will help us keep things reasonably steady as we wait for gtk 2.4 to stabilize. Basically we just need to keep plugging on our own bugs (quality and string mainly at this point) while we wait for them. This isn’t all bad- gives us more time to do agressive bug days and hopefully help the maintainers put out a really polished, solid 2.6 release.

Dave continues to be on a proofreading roll, noting the company/country mishap in the blog last week, that I have a dangling footnote in my latest bug day announce, and of course that I typed ‘internal ximian desktop list’ when I meant to type ‘krissa’ last week. You go, Dave.