Mon, 16 Feb 2004

Like Havoc, I had a good weekend in NYC, with no laptop along, which was a nice change- first time I’ve traveled sans laptop for ages. Was a little cold, and we planned really poorly, so we saw no shows, spent a total of about two hours in a museum, and had only one really, really good meal. But we saw a couple of Krissa’s Peace Corps friends, we slept in, and we got out into the world and out of Boston, and just had some quality time. All in all a great weekend. Oh, and we stopped at the Chocolate Bar– it’s sort of disturbing when your candy shop has an entire esthetic. But the hot chocolate was oh sooo good, especially considering the cold. We haven’t yet tapped into the box of 24 chocolates, I think we’re afraid we might eat them all at once then have matching heartattacks.

On the GNOME front, it is great to get home, wade through several hundred spam, and see that my Quality email stirred a touch of action over the weekend- several bugs have been closed, and there was some discussion on d-d-l. It’s not the Quality Landslide I’d hoped for ;) but everything has to start somewhere. Thanks to all the devels who have looked at stuff this weekend.