Fri, 13 Feb 2004

After bug day yesterday, I got all motivated and stayed up late working on stuff. It was nice- got release team and board stuff done, which I hadn’t done in a while, and talked to some of the wipronians, which I also hadn’t done in a while. Was all good. JFDI is your friend and mine.

Sent a whole bunch of mail today too, mostly about bugs. There are still a lot of them in 2.5, just under 300 are high priority against 2.4 and 2.5, and we’ll probably find more at the next bug day. I hope we can nail a lot of them in the coming month, though- it would be really nice to end 2.6 on a high note.

Got a little depressed at the number of bitrotting patches in bugzilla. It would be cool if a bunch of experienced, motivated hackers formed a patch squad and got together and reviewed lots of those and committed them when appropriate. [And took the heat from maintainers :) That said, it’s a little unlikely to happen, and you don’t want me touching C anymore :)

Shaunm, the real lesson is not in statistics, but in politics. That’s not a real poll- most likely the RNC won’t even collate the data. It’s a push poll.

In ‘real life’, I’m excited to be leaving for NYC in the morning for an extended computer-free weekend, but it means doing some laundry and packing much later at night than I’d like. Oh, and Krissa made me roughly the greatest cheesecake ever for Valentine’s day. Life is not bad.