Sun, 08 Feb 2004

Hallski is completely insane, for the record- just walking back and forth to the grocery store in 20F (-6.6C) was unpleasant this afternoon.

I’m glad Mariano found this pango infinite loop. I knew something had been broken badly for a few days, but I hadn’t had the time to pin it down, or even to nag others about it much. ;) Reverting the specified file allowed me to log in to my jhbuilt env for the first time in several days, which is nice.

There are a couple Duke folks asking fairly intelligent questions on the bugsquad, which is cool to see- glad to see new bodies, of course, and cool to see some folks I know or know of from Duke getting more involved in GNOME.

Krissa cooked some wonderful meals this weekend, and we watched the first season of Coupling on Friday night, which was fun- the show is a riot; we hope to get the next two DVDs from netflix shortly. Hopefully our relationship is slightly more functional than those from the show. ;) Otherwise, most of the weekend was slack and basketball, which isn’t too bad. Hopefully we’ll get out a little more when the weather gets warmer and basketball season ends :)