Mon, 09 Feb 2004

It’s not a good day when you ask your ops to fix something that is utterly blocking your work day at 10:30ish and it doesn’t get fixed until 6:30ish. It’s a much worse day when you get home and your HD starts spewing horrible errors that smell a whole lot like ‘massive drive failure.’ Thankfully the backup script seems to have run without incident, and I didn’t kill anyone.

On the plus side, we had a moderately productive board meeting today, and Jeff sounded more positive. In case it’s not clear, dude, I’m a big fan, with or without the pants.

Met another piece of software that will benefit so much when it can be integrated with the evo addressbook- exciting to see what will be able to happen there when it is all ready to rock.

Before work, I read this fascinating bit on dean and blogs. Lot to think on there for someone interested in the net and politics.