Mon, 02 Feb 2004

Before this fully turns into planet orkut, a bit about gnome. :) Elijah and aes continue to plug away on It’s not perfect yet but it is very nice- will surely be a great upgrade for most people, and hopefully make it easier for us to upgrade to new bugzillas. It looks like upstream bugzilla is switching to time-based releases, which should be great for them, and if we can minimize the differences enough, would be great for us too.

HEAD continues to feel pretty solid- the mime/icon stuff is still funky, but otherwise I haven’t had any stability issues with it for some days now.

I get to bugday on Thursday- I’m excited about that. I’m helping (slowly, unfortunately) a Novell tools dude get ready to sync Novell’s internal bug-tracking and b.g.o and b.x.c., which will be another big step for Novell. And I’m doling out a touch of advice to some Novell folks who are planning to open source some madly cool code soon. I don’t want to steal their thunder, though, so don’t ask. :)

On planet orkut- it’s funny- like six people have declared that they were obviously the person who I deemed irritating :) So far none have actually been right. :) With Robert, it’s more like an active loathing than an irritation, so I guess he was close, but… :)