Thu, 29 Jan 2004

Callum mentions that the rate of bug fixing is being equaled by the creation of new bugs. This is not something I worry about much. It drove the Sun people nuts, and the Novell people are showing signs that they too are going to have at least some issues wrapping their heads around it. In free software, the closer you get to release, the more testers you have. And the more testers, the more bugs, period. It’s not a controlled number of testers and a controlled number of tests, so the curves just don’t look the way they do in proprietary software. Callum, if the number of really nasty showstoppers are going up, get a little nervous. Otherwise, don’t sweat it- total numbers of bugs (particularly non-critical) doesn’t map to real quality when the number of testers is growing rapidly, which I hope it is now. :)

My day was good- one brief, quick, productive meeting, and the rest of the day actually spent looking at bugs and engineering tasks. Was really nice.