Sat, 03 Jan 2004

More b.g.o trolling, which is great. Along with some other folks in #bugs, we got our main ‘recent untriaged bugs’ query down from just under 400 to just under 250. The bugsquad has also started marking some tentative GNOME 2.6.0 showstoppers– there aren’t all that many yet but the list has some pretty nasty bits on it and will grow. Big shout out to Elijah Newren for really helping keep things sane in b.g.o. right now.

Because I don’t have a CD drive for my new laptop yet, I’m writing this from XP- my first more than token use of Windows since Win95 about 6-7 years ago. So far, nothing particularly exciting one way or the other- the photo importing stuff is pretty slick, and startup is very fast, but both are offset by the spectacular lameness of IE. Not only is there no popup blocking and no tabs, it crashed- and the crash deleted my browsing history, AFAICT. Spectacularly lame. Gogo magic ephy/galeon crash recovery. :)