Tue, 30 Dec 2003

Had a decently productive day today. While continuing to wait for Ximian servers to recover from the move, I spent a lot of time looking at b.g.o. It’s been a while, and it feels good to plunge back in to something I mostly really enjoy and apparently have some bit of a knack for. I even started tentatively marking a few 2.6.0 showstoppers. If the ~200 bugs I’ve read are indicative of the true state of things, 2.6 should shape up into a pretty reasonable release from a QA perspective. Bugsquad has to get organized and drive hackers to fix things, though, and I’m not yet sure how that is going to happen or on whose time :) [Anyone up for a special friday bugday on the 2nd, BTW?]

Aside from that, five loads of laundry got done in the background, I restored the old Dell laptop to a state where I can send it in for further repairs (i.e., I installed windows), and generally neatened the apartment. I even vacuumed. I honestly don’t think it’s been this clean since we moved in. Now all I have to do is clean myself (I haven’t shaved since before Christmas) and Krissa will be quite pleased when she gets back from Cali in the morning. :)